August 7-8, 1864.--Scout from Independence into La Fayette County, Mo.
Report of Capt. Thomas Moses, jr., Second Colorado Cavalry.

INDEPENDENCE, MO., August 8, 1864.

MAJOR: I have the honor to report that pursuant to order I marched from this station at 4 a.m. on the 7th instant, with the following command, viz: Lieutenant Parsons, Lieutenant Ducey, and 128 men. I proceeded south on the Pleasant Hill road as far as Grenter's farm, but could not discover any fresh signs of the enemy; thence marched east for Round Prairie, and when near Snibar Station met Captain Blair, of the Fourth Missouri State Militia Cavalry, with his command, and as I found that he had just scouted through the Round Prairie country, I marched in the direction of Greenton, in La Fayette County. When near Lick Skillet, we discovered five bushwhackers, at a distance of about one mile from us, when I ordered Lieutenant Ducey to take the advance guard and pursue them, which he did for about four miles, but could not overtake them, and returned to the command. Thence I marched to the place of Mr. Harp, living on the line of Jackson and La Fayette Counties, and encamped for the night. Learned from good authority in the neighborhood that Thornton, Quantrill, Todd, Yeager, Taylor, Thrailkill, and Anderson were encamped four miles from that place on the 4th instant with from 300 to 500 men, but was unable to ascertain whether they had left or not. They were reported camped on the John Campbell farm. At daylight I marched for that place, but found that they had broken camp and left on the evening of the 5th instant; but, judging by the appearance of their camp, should not think they had over 200 or 300 men. Mrs. Campbell informed me that Todd had 150 men; he came there with his command on Thursday morning, the 4th instant, and she thinks left the same evening. They divided up into small parties, and came in the direction of Blue River and Raytown. I also ascertained that small parties of from six to ten came from the north, northeast, and northwest on the same day, and returned the next morning, and judging from all the information that I could gather think that they met to hold a council of war, with what ulterior object I could not say. Thence I returned to this station, arriving at about 5 o'clock this p.m.

I am, major, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Second Colorado Cavalry, Commanding Post.


Commanding Station, Independence, Mo.


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