August 13-22, 1864.--Operations in La Fayette, Saline, and Howard Counties, Mo., with skirmishes.
No. 3.--Report of Maj. George W. Kelly, Fourth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Chapel Hill, La Fayette County, Mo., August 17, 1864

COLONEL: I would respectfully report to you that on the morning of the 15th instant I sent Sergt. I. E. Wood, of Company C, Fourth Cavalry Missouri State Militia, with fifteen privates of same company, on a scout southeast of this station. After scouting the country some ten miles in that direction, struck a trail of six guerrillas, followed them some two miles, and found that they had left the road and taken the brush; dismounted six of his men and sent them in the brush on the trail. After following it some half mile or more the six men surprised the six bushwhackers, charged on them, and succeeded in capturing 6 horses; two of the horses were shot in the skirmish and could not be brought in. The four horses I send in charge of sergeant. The brush being so thick the guerrillas made their escape, two of them wounded, one in the back and the other in the leg, leaving their hats behind. The guerrillas are making their appearance east and south of here in small bands, from six to twelve in a gang; from what I can learn, Quantrill, Todd, Poole, &c., with their bands, are in east of here some twelve or fifteen miles. I have two scouts out now, east and southeast of here.

Colonel, I would be glad if you would get the general commanding to send me Capt. Joe Parke, with Company E, Fourth Cavalry Missouri State Militia. I have but one commissioned officer here who is suitable to scout. There are several families in this country, bushwhackers' wives and daughters, who should be attended to. They give them all the information they want.

Very respectfully,


Major Fourth Cavalry Missouri State Militia.


Fourth Cavalry Missouri State Militia, Warrensburg, Mo.


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