August 29-December 2, 1864.--Price's Missouri Expedition.
No. 103.--Record of the Price Court of Inquiry.


WEDNESDAY, April 26, 1865--9 a.m.

At a Court of Inquiry then held at Shreveport, La., pursuant to adjournment.

Present, Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Drayton, Provisional, Army, C. S.; Brig. Gen. E. McNair, Provisional Army, C. S.; Col. P. N. Luckett, Third Texas Infantry; Maj. O. M. Watki assistant adjutant-general and judge-advocate.

The Court was cleared at the instance of the judge-advocate.

The judge-advocate then asked an order of the Court to summons Governor Thomas C. Reynolds as a witness.

The Court after mature deliberation directed the judge-advocate to issue the summons desired.

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price then appeared before the Court.

The cross-examination of Capt. T. J. MACKEY continued by Major-General PRICE:

(Note: The material on this web page is edited to limit the material to that just before the question where Quantrill’s name appears.)

Question (by a MEMBER): Did General Price give instructions for the destruction of any of the railroads in North Missouri? And if so, state what roads and then state the number of miles of each that were destroyed and where.

Answer. He did, of the North Missouri Railroad and the Hannibal and Saint Joseph. I cannot state the number of miles of each that were destroyed and where.

Major-General Price then asked the permission of the Court to propound to the witness the questions which follow. The Court was cleared, and after deliberation decided that the questions be asked; whereupon Major-General Price again appeared before the Court.

Question. You state the discipline of the command was not good. Does this statement relate to the time of General Price assuming the command or subsequently?

Answer. To both.

Question. Was the discipline at any time worse than usual with troops of that character in an enemy's country?

Answer. It was not.

Question. What was the character of the troops which joined General Price at the second rendezvous in North Arkansas?

Answer. General Shelby's old brigade and a large body of recruits, consisting of citizens of that section, conscripts, absentees without leave from their commands, and deserters, and but a few volunteers. Shelby's command was never in a high state of discipline, but reliable in battle. They were the right arm of the army. The larger parts of the command that joined us there were of recruits, conscripts, and absentees.

Question. Do you know of General Price sending a detachment from Boonville to destroy the Perruque bridge, on the North Missouri Railroad; and if so, to whom were the orders given? Give the names and character.

Answer. They were given to Colonels Anderson and Quantrill. They were the most distinguished partisan leaders, and were the terror of the enemy in that section and accustomed to operating on railroads.

The hour of 2 o'clock having arrived, the Court adjourned to meet at 9 a.m. to-morrow, the 27th instant.


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