July 12, 1864, Forth Leavenworth, Kans.,
Major General S. R. Curtis to Major General Rosecrans

FORT LEAVENWORTH, July 12, 1864.

 Major-General ROSECRANS:

Bushwhackers, about 200 strong, joined by most of the so-called Paw Paws under Thornton, occupy Platte City and vicinity. They flaunt a rebel flag and boast of expected aid from Quantrill and Shelby, who they say are near by. I understand Colonel Ford is going to move against them soon. No request has come from Platte City for my aid, and am told the people rather have the bushwhackers. Whether they should be allowed to choose is for you to determine. I have telegraphed Colonel Ford that I am ready to co-operate if he desires it, after he shall take initiative. I still hold Weston at the request of the loyal citizens of that place. About twenty bushwhackers entered Barnesville last night but they were resisted by the citizens; after an hour the rebels left. My troops from Potosi are in pursuit eastward through Vernon County.




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