July 16, 1864, Macon, Mo.,
Brigadier General Clinton B. Fisk to Major O. D. Greene

MACON, July 16, 1864.

 Maj. O. D. GREENE,
Assistant Adjutant-General:

MAJOR: It was a portion of Quantrill's band at Huntsville yesterday; they numbered twenty-two, and stole $45,000 in cash, a portion of which was coin. They killed 1 man, Mr. Damon, of Saint Louis, robbed stores, and plundered indiscriminately from Unionists and rebels. Captain Smith, Ninth Cavalry Missouri State Militia, pursued the parties and came up with them on the Fayette road, ten miles from Huntsville; a running fight of four miles ensued, in which one of the rascals was shot. They were mounted on the best of horses and soon distanced our jaded party. The road on which the chase occurred was strewn with ribbons, silks, and other items of their plunder. The leader of the villains was once a resident of Huntsville. Dispatches from different sections of the district indicate increasing troubles. The telegraph lines to Saint Joseph are interrupted. I shall try and get through some way.




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