August 25, 1864, Omaha, Nebr. Ter.,
Assistant Adjutant-General Jno. Pratt to Governor Alvin Saunders


Omaha, Nebr. Ter., August 25, 1864

 His Excellency Hon. ALVIN SAUNDERS,
Governor of Nebraska Territory:

I am in receipt of communications from Plattsmouth and Nebraska City, asking that detachments of troops be sent from here to those points for their protection. The evil apprehended and against which the protection is asked, arises from the presence, in large numbers, of persons suspected of having been members of Quantrill's and Thornton's guerrilla bands in Missouri. There is reason to believe that the apprehensions of the citizens of those towns, and of other places are to a great extent well founded; but the existing exigencies having necessitated the removal of all U.S. troops to the scene of Indian hostilities the aid they ask for from the military authorities cannot at this time be furnished. I deem it proper, therefore, to call the attention of Your Excellency to the matter, in order that such orders as you may see fit may issue to the Territorial militia, which constitutes the only body of troops available for the purpose of protecting the river towns, or for such other action as you may deem proper.

I have the honor to be, your very obedient servant,


 Assistant Adjutant-General.


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