September 4, 1864, Springfield, Mo.,
Brigadier General John B. Sanborn to Assistant Adjutant-General,  Dept. Of The Missouri

Springfield, Mo., September 4, 1864


COLONEL: In compliance with circular order from headquarters Department of the Missouri, dated August 5, 1864, I have the honor to submit the following report for the month of August, 1864, for the information of the general commanding:

First, there are no organized forces of the enemy within the district. Second, that portion of Arkansas north of the Arkansas River is known as the District of Northern Arkansas, and is commanded by Brig. Gen. Joseph Shelby, with headquarters in the field at and south of Batesville, Ark. From the best information I can obtain General Shelby bears upon his reports and claims to have an aggregate force of 10,000 men, including one battery of four guns. I am unable to ascertain the whereabouts of more than 7,000, taking their own statements as to numbers, and these are disposed as follows: At and south of Batesville, Brig. Gen. Joseph Shelby commanding--Adams, commanding post of Jacksonport, McCray and Jackman (recently promoted from colonel), and Colonels Nichols, Schnable, Greene, Dobbin, Vaughan, Bond, and Kitchen (given names not known), 3,000 men, mounted. In Izard and and Lawrence Counties, Colonel Freeman's command, extending from Mount Olive along Strawberry Creek to Powhatan, 3,000, mostly mounted. In Fulton County, near Bennett's Bayou, Colonel Tracy, 200 mounted. In Marion County, at Wickersham's Mills, near Yellville, Ark., Lieutenant Thompson, 100, mounted. In Carroll County, about Rolling Prairie, Capt. Marion Fullbright, 100, mounted. In Benton County, command of Maj. B. Brown, 150, mounted; command of Major Pierson [Pickler], 200, mounted. Total, 6,750 mounted. In my opinion 4,500 men will prove a fair estimate for General Shelby's entire effective force, and include all that are mounted, armed, and fit for duty. In addition to these my information is that Captain [Colonel] Freeman has and bears upon his rolls 2,000 unarmed conscripts. My information of the force of the enemy north of the district is limited. My opinion, based upon the reports that I have received, is that the whole number of the enemy that has passed north through the district since last spring exceeds the number that has returned by about 1,000 men. This includes 250 men of Quantrill's command that went north about the middle of April, and have not returned to my knowledge. These men are said to be commanded by one Dodd [Todd], and Quantrill is said to be sick with consumption.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


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