September 28, 1864, Glasgow, Mo.,
Brigadier General Clinton B. Fisk to Captain G. A. Holloway

GLASGOW, September 28, 1864.

 Capt. G. A. HOLLOWAY,
Assistant Adjutant-General, Saint Joseph:

General Craig must make such disposition as will best meet the invasion. I dislike to abandon Parkville if it can be avoided. General Craig must call out all the militia that can be made serviceable. The bushwhackers will come this way, probably, and join the devils in Boone. The disasters at Centralia yesterday were severe. The crisis is upon us. Loyalty and disloyalty in Missouri must separate; the two cannot dwell together. Nearly every family in this infernal region has a representative either with Price's invading column or with Anderson in the brush. We are killing entire squads of the rascals daily; killed the notorious Captain Bissett, of Platte County, and another rebel captain, whose name we have not obtained. Quantrill directs the guerrilla movements in this section. Train captured, twenty-one taken therefrom, shot and stripped, passengers robbed, train fired, and the engine put in motion with the blazing cars attached. The war has furnished no greater barbarism. Major Johnston, Thirty-ninth Missouri, came upon the villains with too limited a force, fought gallantly, but was repulsed--was killed himself and several of his men butchered. I am moving soldiers and citizens as rapidly as possible. The guerrillas are increasing in numbers and ferocity every hour.




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