October 20, 1864, Morganza, La.,
Brigadier M. K. Lawler to Colonel Dirts

Morganza, La., October 20, 1864

 Colonel Dirts:

Our prisoners will arrive for exchange at Red River Landing on Saturday. I have instructed Colonel Baldwin, commanding at Simsport, to withdraw his command down the Atchafalaya to the next ferry, and after the Confederate prisoners have been crossed to reoccupy his present position. Our prisoners come by winter to Shaggy Point, on Red River, and have to walk the balance of the way stud will cross at Simsport; the rebel prisoners also. I am informed that a Captain Lee, with 100 men of Quantrill's band, dressed in Federal uniform, has made application to the officer commanding Confederate forces at Simsport to be permitted to cross to this side the Atchafalaya. He refused the permission and threatened to fire on them in case they should attempt to cross, as General Smith and the Confederate authorities regard them as outlaws. If you capture any of these men and trouble the commissary for rations for them I shall certainly quarrel with you.




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