December 27, 1864, Marshall, Mo.,
Lieutenant Newton H. Hester to Captain A. R. Conklin

Marshall, Mo., December 27, 1864

 Capt. A. R. CONKLIN,
Acting Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: I have the honor to report the condition of the troops under my command at this place; also the condition of this county with reference to guerrilla bands and the threatening of Arrow Rock and the lives of the citizens of the county by the said guerrillas: I would respectfully inform the colonel commanding the district that I have had no information of guerrilla bands threatening Arrow Rock or the citizens thereof since I came to this place, and further, the troops under my command have been scouting in and through the county almost constantly since I arrived at this place. There has been but two small bands of guerrillas in the county to my knowledge since my arrival here. One band, reported to be Quantrill, with about forty men, passed down the river, via Miami and around east of this place going south, a short time after my arrival here. I pursued them immediately on receiving the information of his presence in the county but did not succeed in finding his whereabouts until after he had passed out going south. One band of about twenty passed up the river via Miami about two weeks ago, robbing the stores at Miami. I ordered a scout of thirty men immediately on receiving the information and pursued them near Waverly, where they scattered out in small bands, making it difficult to trail them farther. There are yet a few guerrillas lurking around through the county which I have been endeavoring to pick up, but have not as yet got sight of them. I ordered a scout of forty men, which left this place on the morning of the 24th instant, and moved north in two columns, and operated in conjunction with other scouts, scouring the country up and down the river in the neighborhood of Miami. That scout has returned finding no guerrillas, leaving all quiet in that section. I shall endeavor to be active and vigilant in searching out those fellows that are yet lurking in and through the county for the purpose of stealing and robbing, and if found I shall deal roughly with them.

I am, captain, your most obedient servant,


First Lieut. Co. G, Fourth Cav. Missouri State Mil., Comdg. Detach.


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