JANUARY 11, 1865.--Skirmish near Lexington, Mo.
No. 2.--Report of Capt. William Meredith, First Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

LEXINGTON, January 12, 1865.

Yesterday guerrillas made their appearance at Lawyer Green's, on south edge of town, fired into the house, and left, going south on Greenton road. Lieutenant Williams, with fifteen men, went in pursuit. Came up with them five miles from town. Guerrillas charged on advance, but were repulsed. Fell back stubbornly, and would form and fight at every suitable place; run as soon as our boys would charge on them. A running fight was kept up for one mile. Our boys ran out of ammunition and returned to camp. The enemy were going in direction of Greenton. There were fifteen in the squad that we had the fight with. Another squad on the old Independence road. I hear of them in small squads in different directions. Quantrill reported with 100 men in bottom below Waverly. No casualties on our side.


Captain, Commanding, &c.

 Colonel PHILIPS,



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