May 16, 1865, Fort Gibson, C. N.,
Major General James G. Blunt to Major General Dodge,
Copy by Dodge to Blair, Harding and Sanborn

FORT GIBSON, C. N., May 16, 1865.
(Received 19

 Major-General DODGE:

On the 14th instant twenty rebels, formerly of Quantrill's party, passed twenty miles north of here, having crossed the Arkansas River above this point. Two Texas deserters from the rebel command at Arbuckle arrived here last night. They reported that the party referred to came up two days in advance of them, and that forty more of the same party, Missouri bushwhackers, left Arbuckle on the 8th instant for Boggy Depot, where they expect to remain one or two days, and then move north, crossing the Arkansas above this place and thence into Missouri. The two deserters are intelligent and apparently truthful men. I place reliance in their statements. They say the rebels here referred to as going north into Missouri declared their purpose to pursue a relentless guerrilla warfare, private revenge and plunder being their motive. I have no horses yet, consequently can do but little toward intercepting these parties. Please forward a copy of this telegram to Colonel Blair, Fort Scott.



(Copy by Dodge to Blair and Harding, May 19, and to Sanborn, May 20.)


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