Sinking of the U. S. S. Housatonic by the Confederate States submarine torpedo boat H. L. Hunley, off Charleston, S. C., February 17, 1864

  Report of Captain Green, U. S. Navy, regarding an examination of the wreck of the sunken vessel

                                                                   U. S. S. CANANDAIGUA,

                           Off Charleston, S. C., February 20, 1864.

  SIS: I have examined the wreck of the Housatonic this morning and find her spar deck about 15 feet below the surface of the water. The after part of her spar deck appears to have been entirely blown off.

  Her guns, etc., on the spar deck, and probably a good many articles below deck, can, in my opinion, be recovered by the employment for the purpose of the derrick boat and divers.

       Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

                                                  J. F. GREEN,


  Commodore S. C. ROWAN,

       Commanding Officer Present off Charleston, S. C.


Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion; Series I - Volume 15: South Atlantic Blockading Squadron (October 1, 1863 - September 30, 1864), 1902, U.S. Government Printing Office

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