Reports (excerpts) of Col. Charles H. Olmstead, First Volunteers, Georgia Infantry, commanding at Fort Johnson, James Island.

August 30.--The enemy's works between Battery Wagner and the rifle-pits can be plainly seen from the observatory. An unfortunate accident occurred at the wharf yesterday, by which 5 seamen of the Chicora were drowned. The submarine torpedo-boat became entangled in some way with ropes, was drawn on its side, filled, and went down. The bodies have not yet been recovered.

August 31.--The movement of troops ordered was carried into effect, so far as concerned those going from here to Morris Island. On the return trip, the steamer [Sumter] was fired into from Fort Moultrie, grounded, and the troops had to be taken off in small boats. Some few waded ashore to this place, but the bulk of them were carried to the other side of the bay. The torpedo-boat sunk near the wharf; is not yet raised.

The war of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; Series 1 - Volume 28 (Part I), 1890, U.S. Government Printing Office

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