Dyer's Compendium

Part 2 Campaigns etc.

Battle Losses Arranged By States

Apr. 27  ... Loss Steamer Sultana   1238 (aggregate losses - missing and killed)

Battles, Campaigns, Etc., in Tennessee

April 27

Affair on Mississippi River near Memphis.

Destruction of Steamer "Sultana" with returning prisoners of war and discharged soldiers. Union loss, 1,238.

Pt. 3  -Regimental Histories




Dyer, Frederick H., A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Compiled and Arranged from Official Records of the Federal and Confederate Armies Reports of the Adjutant Generals of the Several States, the Army Registers and Other Reliable Documents and Sources, Des Moines, Iowa: The Dyer Publishing Company, 1908

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