The question has often been asked of Andersonville prisoners, "Did the commander of the prison, Captain Henry Wirz, ever really murder a prisoner?" Yes, and under my own personal observation. On one occasion he rode into the stockade accompanied by two or three attendants also on horseback; the object of his visit was to demand that the chief of the Union League be delivered up to him. Of the crowd that collected about him not one in fifty knew that such a league existed, and of the actual members of the league but few knew who the chief was. Wirz was very soon informed to that effect, which seemed to rouse the demon within him, so that he swore fearfully at the crowd that gathered about him.

He soon turned to retire from the prison, and while nearly within the gateway drew his heavy revolver and shot the whole six barrels into the crowd of emaciated, starving wretches who had collected about him. Without stopping to discover the effects of his shooting, he put spurs to his horse, sprang out through the gate, and galloped away from the stockade. Two men were killed outright by his shots, and several others were wounded.

View from Wirz's Headquarters of the Stockade at Andersonville.
(From a Sketch Made at the Time by R. K. Sneden

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