A Daring Exploit.

During the month of December, 1861, a squad of some half dozen left Col. Shackleford's regiment, at Calhoun, Ky., on Green River, to bring back three soldiers who had gone to Todd County. While on their route, after night, they came upon some rebel cavalry, and our men seeing that resistance would be useless, took to the woods. One of them, named Wilkins was separated from his companions, and in winding about through the woods, came several times in close proximity to rebel squads, but succeeded in eluding them. He at last overtook three of them, and seeing that his chances were desperate, he determined to join them, and pass himself off as one of their number. By keeping a little in the rear, he watched a favorable opportunity, when he drew his revolver, and firing, rapidly killed one, badly wounded another, and, caused the third to take to flight. Wilkins succeeded in making his escape, and returned to camp at Calhoun, where a gentleman arrived the next day from Elkton, and stated that the rebel cavalry reported that the country was overrun with Federal troops, and that they had been forced to retreat before a superior force. The camp at Calhoun contained plenty of such. pluck in the regiments under Cols. Shackleford, Jackson, Hawkins, and Burbridge.

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