A New Way to Attack Fort Pickens.

            A Southern paper put forth the following proposition :

            ôLet General Bragg detail a few thousand of his ten thousand to the work of catching snakes, and as soon as they have collected several cartloads of these interesting reptiles, let tin or sheet-iron shell or canisters be charged with them the enclosure being cylindrical and of size to fit the largest mortar, and so made that it will break to pieces, and liberate its contents upon falling within the fort. We would warn those who charge the shells to put only the same species into each, as if the different snakes were mixed they would sting each other to death before having a chance to operate on Billy Wilson's Zouaves. The corners and interstices in each shell might be filled up with a few quarts of tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes, and lizards, however, to make close work, as the snakes would pack loosely."

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