A Prophecy.

The following, translated a few years since by a lady, who is an inmate of a religious institution in the vicinity of Washington, has a peculiar interest. The original is in Latin, and bears marks of great antiquity. It is said to have been written by a recluse, some centuries since; —

           “Before thirteen united
              Shall be thrice what they are,
           The eagle shall be blighted
              By the lightning of war.
           "When sixty is ended,
              And one takes its place,
           Then brothers offended
              Shall deal mutual disgrace.
           If white remain white,
              And black still be black,
           Once more they'll unite
              And bring happiness back.
           But whenever the Cross
              Stands aloft ‘mong the Stars,
           They shall gain by their loss,
             And thus end all their wars."

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