Gen. Cheatham's Escape.

—The following story was told by Gen. Cheatham of the manner in which he escaped capture at the battle of Belmont, Mo.; —

        Just as the opposing armies were approaching one another, Gen. Cheatham discovered a squadron of cavalry coming down a road near his position. Uncertain as to which force it belonged, accompanied only by an orderly, he rode up to within a few yards of it, and inquired,—

        "What cavalry is that?"

        "Illinois cavalry, sir," was the reply.

        "O! Illinois cavalry. All right; just stand where you are!"

        The cavalry obeyed the order, and unmolested by them, who supposed he was one of the Federal officers, the general rode safely back, directly under the guns of another Federal regiment, which had by that time come up, but who, seeing him coming from the direction of the cavalry, also supposed that he was one of them. Some of the national officers remembered the incident, and agreed with the hero of it, that if they had known who he was, it was very probable that there would have been one general less that night.

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