Hornby has "seceded"

            "Ethan Spike” writes, that Hornby has “seceded," and that he consequently resigns his seat in the Maine Legislature. The following resolutions were passed at a public meeting of the new "sovereignty":

            Resolved, That we are opposed to koertion except when exercised by ourselves.

            Resolved, That the okepation of the Baldwin lightus, by a State keeper, is a irritatin’ circumstance, an’ unless he is withdrawn, aour army be instructed to take possession of the same in the name of the taoun.

            Resolved,  That ef aour reasonable demands is not complied to, that we will take possession of and hold for aour own use, the State's prison, and the insane assylum,

            Resolved, That the haybius korpus act, taxes, an' the Main law be an' is suspended. Also an ordnance relating to weights and measures as used in the likker trade. Be it enacted, That henceforth and for ever, in this ere realm, every quart pot shall hold a gallon.

            Ordered, that the foregoin’ articles shall be the constitution of this suvrinty.

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