Incident Of Fort Pillow.

      When Commander Davis took possession of Fort Pillow after its evacuation by the Confederates the following letter was found lying on a table in the officers' quarters:
      To the first Yankee who reads this:
      I present this table not as a manifestation of friendship, yet I entertain no personal animosity to him, but because I can't transport it. After six weeks' bombardment, without doing us any harm whatever, I know you will exult over the occupation of this place, but our evacuation will hurt you from another point with disastrous effect.
      Five millions white men fighting to be relieved from oppression will never be conquered by twenty millions actuated by malice and pecuniary gain, mark that. We have the science, energy and vigor, with the help of God, to extricate ourselves from this horrible and unnatural difficulty pressed upon us by the North; the day of retribution is approaching, and will fall upon you deadly as a bolt from heaven; may your sojourn at this place be of few days and full of trouble."


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