Incidents of Bull Run.

            At the battle, when the order came from the headquarters for the retreat, word was passed down the line to the New York Zouaves. "Do not!" exclaimed a score of the “pet lambs" in a breath. “Do not!" "We are ordered to retreat," said the commander. "Wot'n thunder's that?" responded one of the hard-heads, who evidently did not comprehend the word exactly. "Go back ─ retire," continued the commander. "Go back where?" "Leave the field." "Leave? Why, that ain't what we come for. We're here to fight," insisted the boys. “We came here with 1,040 men," said the commander. “There are now 600 left. Fall back, boys!" and the “lambs " sulkily retired, evidently displeased with the order.

            Two of the New Hampshire Second were leaving the field, through the woods, when they were suddenly confronted by five rebels, who ordered them to “halt! or we fire." The Granite boys saw their dilemma, but the foremost of them presented his musket, and answered, "Halt you, or we fire !" and, at the word, both discharged their pieces. The rebel fell, his assailant was unharmed. Seizing his companion's musket, he brought it to his shoulder, and said to the other, "Fire!" Both fired their guns at once, and two more rebels fell. The others fled. The leader's name was Hanford, from Dover, N. H.

            As the Maine troops were leaving the field of battle, a soldier stepped up to one of the officers of the Fifth regiment, and requested him to lend him a knife. The officer took out a common pocketknife, and handed it to the soldier, who sat down at the side of the road, pulled up the leg of his trousers, and deliberately dug a musket-ball out of his leg, jumped up, and resumed his march.

            When the news of the repulse reached the camp meeting at Desplaines, Ill., Rev. Henry Cox, who was preaching at the time the intelligence was received, remarked, on closing his sermon, “Brethren, we had better adjourn this camp meeting, and go home and drill."

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