Incidents of the Paintville Battle.

            A body of the enemy was posted on a commanding hill, and it became necessary to dislodge them. The Fourteenth Kentucky volunteered for the service, as they knew the nature of the ground. Said Col. Garfield: “Go in, boys; give them
Hail Columbia!"

            The hill was cleared, and soon the reserve of the brigade came in at a double-quick. As soon as he saw them, Col. Garfield pulled off his coat, and flung it up in the air, where it lodged in a tree, out of reach. The men threw up their caps with a wild shout, and rushed at the enemy Col. Garfield, in his shirt-sleves, leading the way.

            As the Federal troops reached the top of the bill, a rebel officer shouted in surprise: “Why, how many of you are there?" “Twenty-five thousand men, — you! " yelled a Kentucky Union officer, rushing at the rebel. In an instant the rebels broke and ran in utter confusion.

            Several instances of personal daring and coolness were related. A member of Capt. Bushnell's company in the Forty-second, was about to bite a cartridge, when a musket-ball struck the cartridge from his fingers. Coolly facing the direction from which the, shot came, he took out another cartridge and exclaimed: “You can't do that again, old fellow.”

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