Incidents of the Peninsula.

            At the battle of Hanover Court House, Va., two sergeants met in the woods; each drew his knife, and the two bodies were found together, each with a knife buried in it to the hilt.

            Some men had a cool way of disposing of prisoners. One, an officer of the Massachusetts Ninth, well known in Boston as a professor of muscular Christianity, better known as “the child of the regiment," while rushing through the woods at the head of his company, came upon a rebel. Seizing the “grayback " by the collar, he threw him over his shoulder, with, “Pick him up, somebody."

            A little Yankee, marching down by the side of a fence —which skirted the woods, came upon a strapping secesh, who attempted to seize and pull him over the rails; but the little one had too much science. A blow with the butt of a musket levelled secesh to the ground, and made him a prisoner.

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