IN the preparation of this volume, it has been the design of the editor to preserve, as far as possible, the most notable anecdotes and incidents of the late war, and also such songs, ballads, and other pieces of versification, as have been well received, and are considered worthy of perpetuation by the reading public. Of course, many of the brilliant and heroic adventures that form an important part of the private and personal history of the great conflict, will not be found in these pages, for the simple and very proper reason, that the actors therein alone know them, and as yet they have not made them public. As it is the intention of the editor to prepare and publish a second series at a suitable time, should he find material sufficient for the purpose, it is important that the noble soldiers and sailors who have now returned from the field should forward to him such anecdotes and incidents as they may have knowledge of, that are not already included in this work. And should the reader discover any errors of fact in these pages, he will confer an obligation by advising of such errors, that they may be corrected in a future edition.

F. M.

NEW YORK, May, 1866.


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