Slave's Prayer.

            A Virginia slave, who had heard of the President's promise concerning the proclamation to be issued on the 1st of January, then only a few days in the future, was heard praying, and with great earnestness and a deeply affected heart, thus :

            “O God Almighty! keep the engine of the rebellion going till New Year's! Good Lord! pray, don't let off the steam; Lord, don't reverse the engine; don't back up; Lord, don't put on the brakes ! But pray, good Lord, put on more steam! Make it go a mile a minute! Yes, Lord, pray make it go sixty miles an hour! (‘Amen!' 'Do, good Lord!' responded the brethren and sisters.) Lord, don't let the express train of rebellion smash up till the 1st of January! Don't let the rebels back down, but harden their hearts as hard as Pharaohs, and keep all hands going, till the train reaches the Depot of Emancipation!"

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