Soldiers' Aid Societies. 

To the quiet nooks of home,

To the public halls so wide,

The women, all loyal, hurrying come,

And sit down side by side,

To fight for their native land,

With womanly weapons girt,

For dagger a needle, scissors for brand,

While they sing the song of the shirt.

 O women with sons so dear,

O tender, loving wives,

It is not money you work for now,

But the saving of precious lives.

Tis roused for the battle we feel—

O for a thousand experts,

Armed with tiny darts of steel,

To conquer thousands of shirts!

 Stitch — stitch — stitch

Under the sheltering roof,

Come to the rescue, poor and rich,

Nor stay from the work aloof;

To the men who are shedding their blood,

To the brave, devoted band,

Whose action is honor, whose cause is good,

We pledge our strong Tight hand.

 Work — work — work,

With earnest heart and soul—

Work — work — work,

To keep the Union whole.

And 'tis O for the land of the brave,

Where treason and cowardice lurk,

Where there's all to lose or all to save,

That we're doing this Christian work.

 Brothers are fighting abroad,

Sisters will help them here,

Husbands and wives with one accord

Serving the cause so dear.

Stand by our colors to-day

Keep to the Union true

Under our flag while yet we may

Hurrah for the Red, White, and Blue.

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