Union in Tennessee.

            A traveller, passing through one of the counties of Tennessee on horseback, stopped at a modest cottage on the roadside, and asked for shelte' as it was quite dark and raining. The “head of the family" came to the door, and accosted the traveller with,

            “What do you want?”

            “I want to stay all night," was the reply.

            “What are yer?"

            This interrogatory was not fully understood by the traveller, and he asked an explanation.

            "I mean, what's yer politics?" rejoined the former. "Air yer fur this Union, or agin it ? "

            This was a poser, as the traveller was not certain whether the “man of the house" was a Union man or a secessionist, and he was anxious to "tie up " for the night; so he made up his mind, and said, —

            “My friend, I am for the Union."

            “Stranger, you kin kum in."

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