Award of Medals and Promotion of the Soldiers.

            The party of Ohio soldiers recently returned from the Southern barbarians, and whose depositions have been taken by Judge Advocate General Holt, were by appointment introduced to the Secretary of War by Gen. Hitchcock. After complimenting them upon their fortitude and devotion to the Union, the Secretary presented to private Jacob Parrot, the boy who received a hundred lashes on his bare back without flinching, the first medal given under the recent act of Congress authorizing the presentation of medals to soldiers for meritorious services.

            Sergt. E. I. Mason, Corp. Wm. Pittenger, Corp. Reddick, and Privates Robert Buffum and W. Bensinger, were also made the recipients of similar medals. The Secretary then gave to each the brevet of First Lieutenant, and the sum of $100 in money, as a slight compensation for the losses they had sustained and the suffering they had borne. The party then visited President Lincoln, to whom they were presented by Gen. Hitchcock.

            They were received very cordially by the President, who expressed his gratification at the opportunity afforded him to thank them personally for their heroic conduct. The soldiers belong to the 2d, 21st, and 33d Ohio Volunteers.

Ohio boys in Dixie: the adventures of twenty-two scouts sent by Gen. O. M. Mitchell to destroy a railroad; with a narrative of their barbarous treatment by the Rebels and Judge Holt's report, New York: Miller & Mathews,1863

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