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January 4, 1861

Richmond Enquirer


This city was never before within our recollection, in such a state of excitement. The all-absorbing topic of conversation is the action of South Carolina, and on every man’s lips there is an eager cry of ‘What’s the news?’ —and bulletin boards are watched for each new message, with intense eagerness. Let all our readers North understand this plainly, that the excitement here is not that of fear or submission. On the contrary, there is the utmost determination on all hands that this State shall never be pressed by the foot of an invader without resistance being offered to the very death. —Let it be understood, too, that South Carolina has the sympathy of the immense bulk of our citizens, and that she will be assisted and fought for to the bitter end. Some time ago there was an idea abroad, that there was a large body of submissionists among us, but that idea is now, indeed, a fallacy. ‘Fight’ is in every man’s mouth, and whoever assaults this old State will be encountered by such an uprising of our people, as will prove her to be a faithful and most loyal devotee of the motto on her banner— ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’ — fighting for our homes and firesides, for State Rights and the rights of the South. We have a just cause, and for that cause we will do battle, every man of us, with all the power and strength in us.

New York Herald

The News.

The reports from the South are again of a startling character. It is announced from Georgia that the Governor of that State has seized and garrisoned with militia the forts in the harbor of Savannah, and there is reason to believe that a plan has been matured by the secessionists for taking possession of all the fortifications on the Southern coast. The intelligence from Charleston is to the effect that Fort Sumter is besieged, that Major Anderson’s communications have been cut off, that Fort Moultrie has been repaired, that new batteries have been erected, and that everything is in readiness to open fire on the federal forces. The Florida Convention met yesterday. Without doubt this body will pass a secession ordinance as soon as the formalities can be gone through with. The federal Judge of Florida has resigned his commission.

A large and brilliant audience assisted at M. Du Chailler’s lecture before the Geographical and Statistical Society, Clinton Hall, last evening. M. Du Chailler gave an interesting account of his adventurers in Africa and of his encounters with the gorilla. From the formation of the brain and of the back bone, the organism of which was entirely different in the man and the ape, it was M. Du Chailler’s opinion that men never were and never could become apes, and vice versa. Of the slave trade he said the negroe of the interior thought that all white men were alike, and that they bought slaves to eat them. Masters there had perfect control over the lives of their slaves, but granted them every privilege. The negroes were sold for crime or for debt. The slaves brought to the coast said that there was a cloven footed tribe in the interior, but Du Chailler did not believe it. The thanks of the Society were voted the lecturer for his very interesting paper.

Diary of a Yankee in the Patent Office

by Horatio Nelson Taft

FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1861.—A Mild and pleasant day but I think people feel much like wearing sackcloth and observing the day as recommended. There has been services at most of the churches which were crowded. Myself and wife went to the Capitol to hear Doct Stockton the Chaplin at the “House.” The Hall of Congress was crowded to excess and the services were very solemn. The “Rattle Snake” and the “pitiful Palmetto” even alluded to in connection with the “Eagle” and the glorious “Stars and Stripes.” Stores &c all closed.

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