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Supplemental View by Anne D. Trunk

The following is a minority view on two issues raised in the report.


This item represents the feelings of the undersigned and a majority of her circle of citizens who lived through the TMI accident.

The report concluded that the errors and sensationalism reported by the news media merely reflected the confusion and ignorance of the facts by the official sources of information. It further concluded that the press did a creditable ("more reassuring than alarming") job of news coverage.

In fact, these conclusions are not generally supported by the staff reports. There were reliable news sources available. Too much emphasis was placed on the "what if" rather than the "what is." As a result, the public was pulled into a state of terror, of psychological stress. More so than any other normal source of news, the evening national news reports by the major networks proved to be the most depressing, the most terrifying.  Confusion cannot explain away the mismanagement of a news event of this magnitude.

It is requested that the news media undertake a self-evaluation on an individual basis and review their role in this accident which was not limited to equipment damage but also included psychological damage.


The undersigned could not support a motion for an undefined timeframe moratorium on ail new construction permits because it was not shown how this could result in a safer plant at TMI nor attain higher standards of safety and performance by the industry.

A defined period (say 2 years) to act on this report's recommendations, along with a separate probationary operating period (say 5 years) for the licensee at TMI, could accomplish both the above objectives and is therefore recommended.


Anne D. Trunk

October 25, 1979