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Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection

Note: These images are from the U.S. Lib. of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.  The original images are public domain.  The images presented on this site have been cropped and digitally enhanced and are, thus, derivative works protected by copyright. 

About Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection at U.S. Lib. of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

  Transportation by horses, mules, dogs and bicycle
  Dog Team
  Group portrait of students around snow-covered school building, Valdez, Alaska
  United States Public School for Eskimos
  Eskimo woman posing
  Kings Island Native Eskimo
  Mukpi, Eskimo girl, youngest survivor of the S.S. Karluk
 Eskimo mother with child on back
  Yakima squaw with papoose
Eskimo medicine man and sick boy
Kayaker wearing water-proof jacket with toy boat he made for his son
  Eskimo girl wearing clothes of all fur
  Eskimo carrying kayak
Eskimo Storage (1916)
  Animal Skins (1906)
  Frank G. Carpenter at Child's Glacier
  Company trader buying white fox furs and other skins from an Eskimo at a Revillon Freres post
  People with dog teams meeting the S.S. Corwin at 11 P.M., June 1, 1914
  S.S. Alameda with supplies for new railroad at Anchorage
  S.S. Princess May wrecked on August 5, 1910
  Riverboats with distant view of town
  U.S.R.C. "Bear" and S.S. "Corwin"
  Steamer "White Horse" in Five Fingers
  W.A. Hesse taking moving pictures of Katmai Volcano, c. 1913
  Katmai Volcano in eruption
  Russian church with ground coverd with volcanic ash after Katmia eruption
  Barbaras homes buried in volcanic ash
  Clearing up volcanic ashes
  Road grading - 1916
  Frank G. Carpenter at Pioneer Mine
  White Pass Railroad train seventeen miles from Skagway
  Walrus among the ice floes
  Ivory tusk of a walrus presented to President Taft
  Eskimo cliff dweller settlement