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Travel trailers as housing in the 1930s and 40s from the Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection

Trailers on the move or being demonstrated

Caravan of Trailers for Defense Workers in Washington, D.C.

A demonstration of Farm Security Administration trailers

Back of a trailer


Coupling attachment of a trailer


"Westcraft home" prefabricated trailers


Western Trailer Company - Production of Trailers

Production — Western Trailer Company plant


Production — Assembly line overflow


Production — Making the floor


Production — Table-top jig for sides


Production — Paper wheel wells


Production — Finished wheel well


Production — Floor laid over a chassis


Production — Side assembly set in place


Production — Front end section


Production - Paper corners


Production — Top of a war housing trailer assembled


Production — taking shape, rear framing


Production — Sheathing war housing trailers


Production — Treatment of casein glue


Production — Masonite board is bent into position


Production — Outside finishing


Production — Onto the assembly line


Production — Assembly line


Production—Electrical wiring


Production. — Top sheeting paint


Production — Fitting the door


Production — Blue wadding on top


Production — Forced drying room


Production — Lacquering small parts


Production — High-grade inlaid linoleum


Production — Opaque blackout blinds


Production — cabinet work


Production - Sink board is secured in place


Production — Fifteen gallon water tanks


Production — heavy-duty stapling machine


Production — Plastic material made by a new process


Production — A water supply system


Production — Trailer accessories


Production - Quality check


Western Trailer Company - Transportation, delivery and setup

At the gate - war housing trailers, Los Angeles, California

Multiple duty for war housing trailer tires



Every tire is registered

War housing. Lompoc trailer camp

Tires removed

Heavy wooden sawhorse support

War housing—Lompoc trailer camp—The 200th trailer



Erie, Pennsylvania

Applications of prospective trailer residents

Defense Housing, Erie Pennsylvania

Sarasota Florida

Trailer images from Sarasota, Florida

Pride in keeping small gardens


Chinese checkers


Where's the wheels?


Sarasota trailer park


Three ladies sitting outside trailers


Washing his trailer


Road to Sarasota trailer park


Entrance to Sarasota trailer park


Reading "Life"


Family wash outside of trailer




Reading the newspaper


Children playing outside their trailer


Children playing outside their trailer homes


Sweeping up


San Diego, California

Sunset Trailer Camp, San Diego, California

High school girl studying in trailer in San Diego, California

Bath, Maine

A Better Investment, Bath, Maine

Home made


Saving money "while the BOOM lasts."


Ypsilanti, Michigan

Two families share a trailer near Ypsilanti, Michigan

Beauregard, Louisiana

Trailer furnished for sale, Fort Beauregard, Louisiana

Fort Benning, Georgia

Children looking out of trailer window.


Alexandria, Virginia

Showers and toilets


Trailer of torpedo plant worker and family


Trailer of war department employee and wife


Trailer occupied by defense worker and family


Trailer camp project for Negroes


Children of defense workers


Utility building


Their own electric meter box