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Introductory Note

Image of General U. S. Grant

Anecdote of General Grant

Little Eddie The Drummer-Boy

How to Cross a River

A Brave Woman

Under the Washington Elm

Fun on the Rappahannock

"When You Is About, We Is.

Army Sports


An Incident

Postal Affairs

Who First Answered the President's Call?

Touching Farewell Address

Adroit Smuggling

There's Life In The Old Land Yet!

A Hero Indeed

Adventures In East Tennessee

A Rainy Day in Camp

Beau Hackett as a Zouave

Bishop Rosecrans

Incident of Fort Pillow

Soldier Wit

South Carolina Gentleman

True Soldiers

A Scout to East Tennessee

The Voice of the North

Christmas Among the Freedmen

Conscript Quakers

The President and the Paymaster

An Incident of Vicksburg

The Amnesty Proclamation

Letters To Soldiers

Anecdote of General Sumner

The Bible on the Battle-Field

Abou Ben Butler


A Remarkable Prophecy

The True Balance

An Irish Regular

Anecdote of Roger A. Pryor

Taken by the Pirates

A Prophecy

Occupation of Fort Sumter

Incident of the White House, Va

A Fighting Clergyman

The Last Man of Beaufort


A Reminiscence of Abraham Lincoln

All We Ask Is To Be Let Alone

The Man Who Wouldn't Be Made a Prisoner

Gen. Cheatham's Escape

An Incident with a Moral

The Spotted Hand - An Anecdote of John C. Calhoun

A Contraband Refrain - Much in Vogue at Fortress Monroe.

Anecdote of President Lincoln: a bridge to Hades

See You Again at Bunker Hill? Mr. Winthrop, one of the Boston Union Committee, calling on Senator Mason

General Rousseau and a Rebel Clergyman

Rebels! - poem

An Editor Before the Cabinet

"Call All! Call All" - poem

Hornby has "seceded" - satire

To the Officers of the Navy

A Daring Exploit

An incident that carries its own comment

A Heroine in Baltimore

The Modern Gilpin - A Ballad of Bull Run - poem about the British Journalist, Bill Russell

Incidents of Bull Run

Adventure of a Spy (also published in The Camp, The Battle Field, and the Hospital; or, Lights and Shadows of the Great Rebellion)

A Fiddler

The Story of Ball's Bluff by an Officer Who Took Part in It.

On the Shores of Tennessee

Incidents of Roanoke Island

Exploits of Capt. Carpenter of “The Jessie Scouts."

Southern Mathematics

A Brave Fellow

A Rebel Song

Religious Music Among the Soldiers

Incidents of the Paintville Battle

Maryland, a poem by J. R. Randall

A Race For  Life

A Sharp Ride

Camp Anecdote

A Joke on a Rebel Editor

A Shiloh Incident

The Dead Drummer Boy, a poem

The Badge of the Fifteenth Army Corps

Slave's Prayer

How the Veteran Makes Himself Comfortable

Flag Committee

Union in Tennessee

To Canaan! by Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Secret Service

Soldiers' Aid Societies - a poem

A Man of Nerve

Adventures of a Despatch Bearer

A Wedding Party Brought to Grief

Dead Brought to Life Again

Anecdote of Commodore Foote

Negro Patriotism

Life in Eastern Tennessee

How Roger A. Pryor was Captured and Escaped


Sketches in the Hospitals – “He’s an Out and Out Fine Feller"

A Baby on the Battle-Field

A New Way to Attack Fort Pickens

A Captain's Strategy

A Union Woman

A Raw Recruit

Reminiscences of Shiloh

General Kelley and a Secession Girl

Origin of "Skedaddle"

A Touching Incident, a poem and its inspiration

An Incident of the Pulpit

An Old Bible, Captured in Battle

Grave Inscription

Incidents of Fort Pickens

Disturbing an Orator

The “Home Guards"

Old Dick, the Drummer

Joe Parsons, a Maryland Brave

Parting Words to the Yankees

An Elegy, a poem: "L-E-G on my Leg"

The Rebel Retreat from Mill Spring

A Southern Scene - a poem

The Capture of Smithfield, Va.

A Pass for a Rebel

A Brilliant Exploit

An Incident of Mill Spring

A National Hymn

Incident of the Hospital

A Home Scene

The Feast of Doughnuts

Lieut. Greble at Great Bethel.

A Humorous Incident

The Other "Abou‑Ben‑Adhem" - a poem on President James Buchanan

Young Hart the Guide

A Courageous Woman

The Great Bell Roland - a poem

Horses at Bull Run

Incidents of the Peninsula

'Cuteness of a Contraband Scout

An Affecting Incident

A Draft at Savannah, Ga.

Southern Women

A Model Body-Guard

The Fight at Big Bethel

Incident of War

Old Hannah

A Loyal Pigeon

Southern Ideas of Northern Bravery

Incidents of the Fort Donelson Fight

The Picket Guard - a poem by Mrs. Howland

The Tone of Bullets

An Incident of Romney

A Dying Soldier Prays for the President

Adventures of Two Hoosier Soldiers

A Patriotic Blacksmith

A Sentimental Young Lady in Northern Georgia

Incidents in the Battle of Wildcat

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